Show your customers that you care! Gain powerful insights into their experiences with your brand and services. Actively push these insights into your organization, and optimize your business processes using experience insights.

Increase customer or employee satisfaction, and drive revenue.

It's all at your fingertips with Opinion Carib Experience Management Software (XMS).

Weave Experience Management into the fabric of your organization

Dedicated to help you gain deeper insight and wisdom about how guests, customers or clients think about your organization. With years of experience in the Caribbean market and extensive knowledge about feedback software and business processes, Opinion Carib is your guide to more insight and a better understanding of your business processes to increase revenue and optimize customer satisfaction.

Experience Management Solutions

Identify experience gaps, and new opportunities for growth with Opinion Carib XMS

Brand Experience (BX)

Manage your Brand Experience with Kontami and foster loyalty, boost your sales figures and realize a greater market share with useful insights into your brand experience.

Brand experience is about the feeling a customer gets when they think about a brand. Measuring your Brand Experience is about identifying the brand factors that affect your customers, detecting changes in these factors, testing whether you are honoring your brand promise and understanding your current position on the market. Your ultimate goal is to increase the value of your brand!

Customer Experience (CX)

A unique Customer Experience ensures your organization stands out, your customers are satisfied and eager to come back for more and your organization can grow more rapidly.

CX is the sum total of the various moments of interaction between an organization and a (potential) customer, whereby a customer’s experience at every touchpoint has to match their expectations. If that is not the case, you will not be able to generate loyal customers and ultimately lose the race with your competitors.

Service Experience (SX)

Manage your Service Experience with Kontami and realize excellent service, more satisfied and loyal customers and therefore a higher revenue!

Service experience is about everything your customers experience during their interaction with your service department. The goal of service is to make things as easy as possible for the customer and offer them a pleasant and memorable experience. By offering such excellent service, you will create more loyal customers and boost your revenue figures.

User Experience (UX)

Gather real-time feedback about the user performance of your digital channels like your website or app. Use that data to improve your user experience, boost your conversion rate and realize more satisfied customers!

User Experience is about users’ experiences with digital channels or platforms. By measuring this experience, you gain more insight into whether users quickly achieve their goals, whether they can find what they were looking for and whether your platform or website is easy to use.


Product Experience (PX)

Turn products
into obsessions! Bring your customers into product development. Seek out and solve broken product experiences with a single platform for everything from market assessment and concept testing, to pricing and packaging.

Product experience (PX) is the customer’s journey within a product. PX is similar to user experience, however, product experience refers to the customer’s overall experience with the product, from beginning to end. In the software industry, product experience (PX) refers to the portion of the customer journey that takes place within the application.

Employee Experience (EX)

Use the Kontami platform to improve your Employee Experience and become a better employer. Create happy and satisfied employees, reduce your staff turnover rate and attract new talent with your excellent reputation!

The Employee Experience is the sum total of all moments of interaction that an employee has with their employer, from the moment they apply for a job until they leave the organization.

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